ASMR rocks, y’all. If you know, you know. And if you don’t know… well, I’m super freaking glad you’re here! 🙂

Because if you’ve never listened to ASMR before, then you’re about to discover a world of awesome, in my humble-yet-excited opinion. ASMR is actually shorthand for autonomous sensory meridian response, the term that is technically used to refer to the pleasant sensation of scalp tingles induced by listening to certain sounds.

I first found ASMR when I was in the darkest depths of my recovery process, and it helped me sooooo enormously with reducing anxiety, managing stress, and dealing with the insomnia that used to be my constant companion, that I just can’t say enough about it.

And I actually never expected it to work for me.

Full disclosure: I don’t even GET the scalp tingles that everyone talks about and says are so amazing, y’all (!!).

But it still works for me.


I just find some of the sounds, combined with the slow speech tempo and the sensation of caring personal attention induced by some of the speakers’ voices, to be really magical. Like, soothing and relaxing on a level that I can’t fully describe. And definitely sleep-inducing, when I’m feeling insomny-ish.

For me, it’s kinda like meditation made easy — and I mean, made SUPER easy. Like… sliding into a meditative state without even having to try. “Un-meditation” is a good word for it, really. Like… all of the benefits, none of the effort. (I mean, okay… effort has its place, of course, just not necessarily when you want to relax, right?)

So anyway, in short, I think ASMR has a lot of potential upsides, and is definitely worth giving a try, whether you’re skeptical or not.

Y’all. I love it so much that I’ve even started experimenting with making my own ASMR videos! (Maybe I buried the lead, but that was kinda the whole point of this blog post. LOL.) Ultimately, I’m curious about the idea of putting out some seriously powerful life-coaching-esque and self-improvement-oriented stuff, but with it all wrapped up nice and cozy-like, inside of a soft, fuzzy ASMR bathrobe-y wrapper. So sort of like visiting a spa… but a spa for your brain. 🙂 We’ll see how it goes; I’m still kinda in the middle of the creative process on it.

Disclaimer: I’m a total newb at making any ASMR stuff, so this experimental YouTube channel I’m developing to play around with my zany ideas and test out new possibilities is for sure a work-in-progress. Soooooo… here are a couple of links to some other ASMR channels that I absolutely love, if you want to see what the fuss is all about, outside of my little newbie ASMR creative kitchen.

Okay, and now… without further ado, here is my first little ASMR video ever, saucily entitled “Yes, You Too Can Get ASMR AF!” (Ahem. Because the name of my channel is “ASMR al fresco,” of course.)

This video is just an intro video, really, nothing crazy and nothing super intensely ASMR-ish, to be honest. Just a little bit of me playing around with different trigger sounds in my very first ASMRish video attempt ever, and generally trying to figure out how things work. (If you’re curious, the sounds explored in this one include: tapping, clinking, chimes, tingsha cymbals, water, crinkling, and one of my special favorites… a sound I like to call “skritchy-scratchy-ing.”)

Thanks for being here and checking this out! I’m super excited about this new creative adventure, because it’s just so much fun to put things together in new ways and see how they work! Feel free to subscribe to my new ASMR YouTube channel or get on my e-mail list using the form below if you are so moved; I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Oh yeah… and if you want more… I’ve got more! 🙂 More in-depth tools and tips, that is, that will be included in many of the courses soon to be released as part of my coming-very-soon online school, the Not Socially Acceptable Life (Un)-Learning Academy, at NotSociallyAcceptable.Life.

Get on the waitlist now for limited-time special offer pricing on the upcoming release of my first two courses:

  • The Secret Art of Feeling Sh*tty: How to Feel Like Cr@p Like a Bawse!
  • How to Sleep Your Way to the Top: A Field Guide for Those Who Just Aren’t Getting Enough 😉

And remember… anything is possible! (And you absolutely 1,000% deserve to achieve and live your dreams.)

love from trish

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