“The sleeper must awaken!” Squee! I’ve gotta say, I’ve always loved this great quote from the 1984 movie Dune (psst! BTWs, ’80s movies rock!).

Seriously though, listen, the pace of the world is fast these days and getting faster. Are you getting caught up in the mindless merry-go-round and letting your dreams drift away? Be real. How do you feel about the way your life is shaping up so far? How many of your goals have been on the back-burner for, like… forever now?

Right, but maybe you’re still all like, “Meh, but why should I care about this ‘feeding my flame’ business? I feel like my life is going okay.”

Okay? ((**cough**)) Is just okay really good enough for the rest of your life?

Oh love, I want SO much more for you, truly. I want you to have it ALL! Please don’t fall asleep at the wheel of inspiration. Grab on to it with both hands, shake yourself fully awake, and steer yourself into something AWESOME.

I’m Ready to Wake Up!