So I was out for a walk this morning with my dog-daughter, the inimitable Ms. Betty Boop the Mini-Schnauzer (you can find her at #bettybooptheschnauzer on Instagram), and I saw someone off in the distance walking along the lakefront, strumming a guitar and singing.

Sadly, I was not close enough to hear exactly what was being sung, and I never got close enough, because at some point this very minstrel-esque human turned off onto a sidewalk and started strolling down a road in the other direction, slowly moving away from me.

But just watching them walk away, totally comfortable and at peace and surrounded by their own music, gave me this feeling of deep comfort and peace myself.

And… like, also, it left me with a sense of wanting to surround myself with my own happy “music” too, whatever that might look like. I mean, I feel like having a positive morning “anthem” that I hop out of my bed and jam out to whenever I wake up would be a great way to start the day. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

But since I can’t play the guitar and I only sing in the shower (badly), I think surrounding myself with my own personal happy music might look more like playing these Starbucks commercials in my head and humming along to them — at least for right now.

 ♪ “Trish! Trish, Trish, Trish!” ♫

Y’all. These commercials rock. And I would just loooove to have a personal pep squad following me around during my day, for no other reason than to sing my praises. For reals.

(This may also partially explain my strong affinity for Starbucks iced coffee in my sobriety years, since I was really NEVER a coffee lover of any kind in my 20s or early 30s.)

Anyway. What’s your fight song for the day? 🙂

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