So. Here we are.

This is a post that has been a looooong time coming. To be honest, once, I never thought I’d get to the point that I’d have the courage to share any of these writings.

These particular writings, the ones I’ll be gathering together and sharing with you on this page — let’s just call them “journal entries” to make things simpler, because that’s essentially what they are — are intensely personal to me, and I’m not sure they’ll be useful to anyone else to read… but the universe is calling me to share them, and I’ve learned to honor the universe’s call over the past few years.

The universe knows more than I do.

So here they are… glimpses of my evolution, snapshots of my thought processes and struggles, mostly written at various points along the first year of my sobriety journey, from 2018 to 2019.

Well, the first 16 1/2 entries, anyway, were written along that first year or so.

I actually stopped writing altogether for several months when I was halfway through writing journal entry #17, because that topic was a lot for me to wade though, and it took some time for me to be really ready to confront all the different pieces of it.

But I did eventually finish that one, and I’ve actually written a few more journal entries a bit more recently, since I’ve found that it really helps me process things and clarify them in my head. And I think I might continue adding these newer entries, maybe. In time.

Anyway, regardless, I’ll be posting them all here in order from oldest to most recent, so that you can follow along with me on my journey, if you so choose.

Anyway, that’s all she wrote (or posted, at least) for now, folks…

And if you’ve made it this far on the page… thank you, sincerely and deeply, for bearing witness to my journey, my struggles, and my growth on this particular piece of my life’s path.

Sending out so very much love to you as you move through your own life’s journeys, whatever they might be.

love from trish