Hey y’all. Sooooo… it looks like we are drawing to the end of the dreaded year 2020 here, and it’s a banner moment, I suppose. 😕 Soooo… are you ready for some self-care meditation!? LOL.

If your inner voice just shouted “NO,” I totally understand. Meditation isn’t easy. And you know what? Life isn’t easy right now either. I mean, as 2020 draws to a close and COVID-19 virus numbers peak around the country and the news is filled with negative messages… well, if you wanted to hide your head under your pillow and sleep the winter away, I wouldn’t blame you.

But the fact is that now more than ever before, being proficient in using our stress management tools is a survival skill we just can’t live without. We need to be able to clear our minds, hone our focus and mental sharpness, and build up the resilience to tackle any obstacle that might roll into our path. In short, we need the benefits that a regular meditation practice can bring to our lives.

However, as I mentioned before, meditation is f*cking HARD, y’all. At least, it is to me! If it’s easy to you, more power to you (and you probably don’t need to read this article). But if you’re like me and you’ve always struggled with the whole meditation process, then you’re in good company. 😉

I’ve kind of had a love-hate relationship with meditation. I mean, I love all the benefits that are supposed to come along with doing it, but I really kinda hate all the work that needs to happen to to have a “successful” meditation session. Y’all… I’ve always, always, ALWAYS wrestled with “quieting” my mind, with letting go of those rampaging thoughts always stampeding through my mind no matter how hard I tried to ignore them, with trying to sit still and unmoving in some position that inevitably became uncomfortable only 30 seconds into the session, and with finding that sense of elusive “inner peace” that everyone always seems to speak of when talking about meditation.

In short, I suck at traditional meditation. At a certain point, I simply embraced this fact about myself. It brought me a lot closer to inner peace, honestly (though I still have a long way to go). 😉 And it was through this process of self-acceptance that I also realized that I had to let go of any sort of ideal of meditation “perfection” or the idea that there was any real “right” or “wrong” way to do it, if I were to actually achieve anything really resembling inner peace. And it was in this mind-state–one of openness, creativity, and wee bit of irreverence–that a new meditation technique was born.

The video below is a free mini-tutorial on a unique, quirky new meditation process I’ve developed for stress management and reduction called “Introspection Meditation” (yes, it’s a bit of a spoof on the INCEPTION movie‘s “dream within a dream” concept, but it’s also just as effective and useful in inducing a quality meditative state as it is humorous!).

The layered process of Introspection Meditation incorporates a “confusion technique” (a really fun and useful self-improvement tool) designed to release some of your more deep-seated feelings of stress and anxiousness by distracting your conscious mind with multiple points of focus — just enough to allow the subconscious mind to create real changes beneath the surface. The confusion technique is especially effective on highly analytical and observant personality types, who really need that confusion effect to free their conscious minds from trying (usually ineffectually) to control the meditation process (and often fumbling the whole thing in the effort).

This video is the fourth and final in a series of stress management videos that I have been releasing over the last few weeks of the year 2020, and it incorporates a wide-ranging conglomeration of information that I’ve absorbed over my years of study on coaching and behavior change.

Anyway, as I mentioned, this is NOT “traditional” (boring) meditation! But it is meditation-adjacent, and as with any meditation-like process, I would ask you, for your safety, to please not watch or listen to this material while driving or operating machinery, and as always, use prudence and good judgement in making use of ANY information you find on the internet. It’s just a good practice in general for ensuring your well-being, and I care about that kind of thing… because I care about you. 🤗

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed the video! Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel or get on my e-mail list using the form below if you are so moved; I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Oh yeah… and if you want more… I’ve got more! 🙂 More in-depth tools and tips, that is, that will be included in many of the courses soon to be released as part of my coming-very-soon online school, the Not Socially Acceptable Life (Un)-Learning Academy, at NotSociallyAcceptable.Life.

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And remember… anything is possible! (And you absolutely 1,000% deserve to achieve and live your dreams.)

love from trish

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