We all want to manage stress and take care of ourselves better. Utilizing my video tutorial below, on a very specific technique for experiential visualization, is one way to do this.

So… experiential visualization… well, it maaaaay actually be a term that I made up, I’m not 100% sure… but I do know that it came out of my head without prompting when I was trying to describe this process, and I haven’t looked it up on good ole Google yet, but it’s definitely a method that I’ve been using in my coaching practice since at least 2014 to help people turbocharge their visualization effects. And it also is especially good for those who have an innate difficulty visualizing or “seeing” things in their mind’s eye and maybe are stronger in imagining using their other senses, like hearing, or touch, or smell.

So, bottom line — the video tutorial below taps into much more than just visualization (most of my so-called “visualization” exercises do this, actually, but here I am specifically calling it out as a broader technique — experiential visualization).

And I actually have a (largely untested) theory that our primary love language plays into the effectiveness of the different sensory experiences that we employ in our visualization efforts somehow. I know one of my primary love languages is words of affirmation, and a secondary love language for me is physical touch… and the addition of either or both of those elements into the mix of what I’m conjuring up in my mind really tends to amp up the effectiveness of any of my so-called “visualization” sessions.

I know all of this sounds maybe a bit hokey and woo-woo. And if you’re rolling your eyes and maybe questioning the power of experiential visualization right now, here are a few things that you may not know that might interest you GREATLY:

Anyway, if all of that doesn’t convince you, maybe just for the heck of it, give this technique a try for yourself, and let your experience be your guide. 😉 (And let me know how it goes for you. I ❤️ hearing back from you all!)

Okay. So here goes. The video below is a mini-tutorial in what I call the “Dialing In” Process for stress management and reduction, and it is the third in a series of four stress management videos that I am releasing over the last few weeks of the year 2020. The “Dialing In” Process is my own spin on a simple technique that I’ve actually heard referenced in so many different contexts that I can’t really pin down the original source… if there even *is* just one original source.

But one thing I do know is that it is primarily a technique that I remember being talked about a lot when I was doing in-depth studies on hypnosis and studying how to use visualization to create positive life changes by accessing the hidden powers of the subconscious mind. So take that information for what you will, and as always, use prudence and good judgement in making use of ANY information you find here or anywhere on the internet. It’s just a good practice.

Also!!! Bonus tutorial:

If the imagery and sensory experience of a dial, control panel, push-button or tuning knob of some kind just doesn’t do it for you, you can create your own visualizations to help you manage stressful or anxious feelings. Yes, you heard that right! 😉 There doesn’t need to be aaaaaany of the above-mentioned kind of imagery if that stuff doesn’t work for you.

If you want to create your own experiential visualization, here’s how to do it:

  • First give your anxious or stressful feelings some kind of imagery. If you could see the feeling inside of you… where would it be, what qualities would it have? Is it hard and dense, like a huge stone sitting in your belly? Is it wispy and puffy, like a wad of cotton stuck in your throat? Maybe it’s tight, like an overinflated balloon wedged between your temples?
  • Next, however that feeling shows itself to you in your visualization, think about what needs to happen to that imagery to change the feeling inside of you to a better, more relaxed, more comfortable feeling. Maybe the stone needs to be pulverized into dust using some kind of special machinery. Maybe that wad of cotton needs to magically morph into cotton candy, so it can dissolve into sweetness. Maybe you just need to let some of the air out of the balloon.
  • Whatever needs to happen to shift the sensation in your body and your emotional experience in a beneficial way for you, imagine that happening in your mind, and allow the shift to happen in your lived experience. There is no right or wrong in this process. Let your intuition guide you toward what will best help to shift things in a positive direction for you.

Hope you found that helpful! Thanks for watching! And please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel or get on my e-mail list using the form below if you are so moved; I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Oh yeah… and if you want more… I’ve got more! 🙂 More in-depth tools and tips, that is, that will be included in many of the courses soon to be released as part of my coming-very-soon online school, the Not Socially Acceptable Life (Un)-Learning Academy, at NotSociallyAcceptable.Life.

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And don’t forget the power that your imagination has over your lived experiences… and focus on imagining your way into all the AWESOME. Because you deserve it.

love from trish

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